Do we live in a moral world? Does everything we do have a moral basis?
A long time ago, ancient Greece, every individual choice was guided by its moral consequences. Eating a banana was regarded as a moral choice: where did the banana come from, had any suffering occurred in order to give you the pleasure of eating it? Such an idea would be laughable now. Self interest and the protection of the family unit are the greatest motives for doing anything. Yet our intentions are largely good. We would all like to do the right thing, but not many of us know how and it often requires standing out on a lonely limb, open to barrage from all sides.
There is a great difference between following a moral impulse and moralising. The latter is akin to what would have been called, in more religious times, preaching. Those who choose to moralise are usually bigots of one kind or another. When we are faced by a moral dilemma it is quite often more simple than we think it is: what is the right thing to do here? It is a great irony that if we do the right thing it is often at odds with the world around us. We have to ask what is wrong with the world around us?

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