Common Sense, a living ideology.

If one is ever asked to think of an ideology there are several stock answers; conservatism, socialism, capitalism, communism, fascism etc. No-one answers ‘common sense’. If such an answer were given then many would deny it was a valid one. After all Common Sense does not share the limitations of ideology, which is bound by rules and procedures. But Common Sense is not the same as Good Sense, which it is often assumed to be. Instead it is a stand point which is very much limited by hidden discourses, such as tradition and culture of the day. It is not as open and as liberal as it would at first glance appear to be. Instead it can quickly become a justification for doing nothing and preserving the status quo.
Common Sense can be dangerous because unlike ideology its rules and procedures are hidden. It can quickly become a tool to support the tyranny of the majority. Few question the legitimacy of Common Sense and because of that it can be misleading and dangerous.

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