I cannot know myself,
so lock me in a space,
too small for my needs.
Argue that my pacing
is normal, that i need no room
to race my heart, to stalk, to play,
to hunt, to run, to prey,
Argue that i no longer
remember my land.
I am no longer capable of remembering.
Each day I wake I am content.
I am content to feed on uncaught prey.
I am content to see my visitors,
who point and wonder.
Some even say ‘Shame. Shame.’
Then forget their words
in small distraction.
And finally argue that this,
is the only way to save me.
To breed me here.
You who came and accused me.
Judged and sentenced too.
I accept my fate.
Is it surprising I can understand
you have done this to me?
What I cannot understand is that
you have done it to each other.

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