Why do I blog?

I’ve been writing for twenty five years. I geared my education towards a career in journalism. I was halfway through a degree in Political Science and writing about the fall of Communism in Czechoslovakia when I became I’ll with a brain tumour. I had surgery and finished my degree only to spend the following summer to be back in hospital with a diagnosis of Von Hipple Lindau Syndrome.
So my plans went awry but I kept on writing. Lots of ups and downs later and I never did become a journalist or a published author. I tried and sent off my efforts when I had the opportunity but the rejection letters came fast and thick. Eventually I began to question why it was I needed the approval of editor and publisher. Who were these folks who could judge my work and stop anyone from reading it? I turned my mind to other things. I completed an MA in Education and volunteered to work in a school. Sadly I find myself back in hospital on a fairly regular basis. What is important to me is that people get to read what I write which is why I post my work in a blog.
For some it may seem unjust that I post my work free of charge and without commercial motivation. There are two reasons that I, as an individual author, have chosen this path. The first is that I am 42 years old and I have quite a large archive of writing, which no one has read. This blog site gives me a voice, although sometimes I think there are too many voices. What I hope to achieve is a repository of quality writings. The second reason is that I feel I owe the world in general for keeping me going. This is part of my social contribution. Please enjoy.

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