Liquid Modernity

What is liquid modernity? What does it have to do with me?

It is a fairly recent idea/concept that describes the world we live in today. Ever seen that magnificent film ‘The Shawshank Redemption’? One of the characters is released from prison and reflects on the world around him. ‘The world got itself in a big damn hurry,’ he concludes. Liquid Modernity is that process which allowed the world to get in a big damn hurry. It means that things are fluid. It challenges the existence of absolutes and embraces relativism. Everything flows from one definition to another: the concrete we stand on is really quick sand.
Liquid modernity explains why there seems to be a general erosion in faith and belief. And it is a warning because at the moment more traditional modes of being are still dominant but liquid modernity and its characteristic of perpetual motion as a mode of being is here. No one knows if it is a threat or not, or is it just different to how we think we exist. But the little evidence that exists points to a confusion of the human condition. There are no longer absolute answers and universal truths, and it seems unlikely that many human beings can deal with that.

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