Integrity, morality and personal responsibility.

Integrity, morality and personal responsibility.

These three traits only have one thing in common and that is their source: the independent self. When Descartes famously wrote ‘ I think therefore I am,’ there was a reason he began there. It was the only concrete statement he could make about knowledge. Whilst most people consider this statement the basis of all Western philosophy it does not take a great deal to cast doubt upon its essential essence. Descartes proves nothing save momentary conscious thought. Without a degree of faith, some might even say a leap, then nothing else can follow.
Our assumptions about the world, our beliefs in a philosophy and a way of being, are based on perception, which we all know can be altered fairly easily, with large amounts of alcohol or through misusing chemicals. For all that we genuinely know we might be butterflies dreaming about being human. What does this have to do with integrity, morality and personal responsibility? These three things are subjective and even if we are all butterflies, or wisps of energy, or whatever these three traits are something we can control and aspire too. We choose these traits, although some of us fail miserably in doing so, because, religious or secular, they give us a way to judge the validity of our life, real or not.

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