The Duplicity of Language

When it comes to the philosophy of language their are two great thinkers. One is the American Noam Chomsky,who readers might have come across in a different context. The other is the frenchman Jacques Derrida.

These thinkers have two noticeable things in common. In one way or another they noted the duplicity of language, going as far as to see it as a tool of oppression. The second thing they have in common is that they were criticised heavily for such thinking. It makes you think doesn’t it? Why were they so heavily criticised? Who were they criticised by? In particular Derrida focused on the marginal side of language: on those idiosyncrasies which mean far more than we think they mean. The signs within language have a science all of their own: semiotics. The next time you observe an argument between politicians or even a newscast try and hear what they are really saying.

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