Courage and perseverance

These two virtues are colleagues. You’ll usually find them together but not always. Sometimes courage is a momentary reaction, something you wouldn’t do if you had more time to think but more often than not it involves endeavour and persistence. Courage is often seen as something one would find on a battlefield or in the face of physical adversity, perhaps on the slopes of Everest or in the deepest seas. Whilst this is of course the case courage is found,in plenty, in everyday life. Ordinary life requires more courage than adventure on the high seas or when crossing a desert because its common features (loss, heartache, grief, illness, tragedy, disappointment, pain, struggle etc.), all of which is experienced by hundreds of thousands of people every day, demand more endurance and grim determination to overcome. There are moments when climbing Everest would seem an easier alternative.
Most people fail to recognise that courage is not the absence of fear, as in some Herculean tradition, but is the overcoming of it. Much courage in the world is unrecognised and is not considered as such. But on occasion simply living is courageous. To get up every day, knowing it will be full of pain and woe, takes a special kind of endurance which goes beyond the self contained walls of an adventure.
To keep going with a cheerful countenance can often make a crucial difference to the content and quality of our lives. To experience the beauty of the simple things around us, be it a sunset, the comfort of a pet cat (or a stranger’s), or reading something special in a blog, all extend our own worthiness. These are the hallmarks of everyday courage.

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