Morning Surprise

Insideout80, who is personally responsible for my new hobby of attempting to understand the tarot, has nominated me for a blog award. My thanks to her.;preview=true

I am humbled by this and hope I fulfil all criteria properly. There are 3 rules. Thank the person who nominated you, goes without saying; write seven things about yourself and I also have to nominate (up to 15) other bloggers for the award. So here goes,

1. My favourite book on its first read was ‘The Cider House Rules’ by John Irving.
2. My favourite book to read again and again is ‘The Road to Wigan Pier’ by George Orwell.
3. When I was eighteen I cycled around the outside of the UK with fifty other people. It took three months.
4. I don’t read biographies because it can depress me how much some people have stuffed into their lives.
5. My favourite colour is blue.
6. I love my teenage son dearly but he has the ability to do my head in.
7. My guilty pleasure is technology. I only hope that it ultimately does more good than harm.



2 thoughts on “Morning Surprise

  1. Thank you so much for this nomination. I am flattered. I will respond with some facts about myself and some nominations soon. Can I also nominate your blog or does it have to be different ones? Thanks again.

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