Falling Short

Do all words fall short?
Or are there some
Which stretch and flow?
They strive and jest,
Dancing to a piper’s tune.
Sometimes they are lost
Amongst their shadows
But on rare occasion
They march as they should.
Many different roles to play
And tunes to suit.
But mostly they don’t explain
True heartache and pain.
A broken heart falls short
And in no way
Expresses me.

Instead look skyward
And count the rain.


2 thoughts on “Falling Short

  1. Language cannot be described completely, and the same holds true for thoughts. That is the backside of the thing called creativity. Creativity means the ability to get out of any pattern. As a result, on can get lost. Freedom and risk come together.
    Kind regards, I really like this poem.
    Andreas Keller (Nannus)

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