Inner Strength

When I am demoralised
I am not sure where,
How or why to be?
I am reminded
The sun still shines
And worse happens
At sea.
Still it does
Not feel that way.
Go grab your
Inner strength
Comes the call.
But I’m not sure
If its there.
Such words are not
Useful at all.
Instead I turn to you
And wonder my fate
If you turn away.

One thought on “Inner Strength

  1. When the spirit is challenged beyond endurance, the “inner strength” needs reinforcement.
    But what if none can be found?
    My Life is absolute paradise in comparison to millions who suffer, every day, to extremes beyond my comprehension. I grieve for them.
    But by knowing this, my own little problems are lessened not one wit.
    Life is a balancing act.
    Your words are a momentary gyroscope.

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