Ten Commandments for a secular man

Always but always think and don’t accept.

Never be certain of anything.

Faith can be valuable but also misleading.

Be kind. No complexity required.

Any victory based on authority is worthless. (Might is not right.)

Actions do not always speak louder than words. Do what you can.

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion. Many of the best thoughts were once considered eccentric.

A thing, be it a gun or a piece of technology, is only a tool. Consequence arises from who wields it and why it is wielded.

Don’t fear authority, there are always rival ones.

It is better to be a thinking dissenter rather than a passive fawner.

One thought on “Ten Commandments for a secular man

  1. I think it must one of the classical philosophers who said I’d defend you to the fire, but I’ll avoid the fire if I can, I could be wrong. One has to leave room to be persuaded with new evidence.

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