Another Step

Each and every one of us exists with a internal duplicity, a balance between two perceived absolutes we call ‘good’ and ‘evil’. Our physical actions reflect this balance. There are all sort of external variables, outside agendas, which determine this balance. For example the mistreatment of women on the Indian sub continent would seem to have cultural sanction; it is an example of an external variable determining an individual’s behaviour. A young man brought up in an inner city turns to crime; another example. This is not to say certain behaviours are not the responsibility of the individual. All behaviours are sanctioned, or not, by an internal judgement. We know when we have done wrong. Yet the examples of outside agendas determining the actions of human beings are great. Perhaps if we dealt with the natural illegitimacy of these outside agendas then we will take another step towards evolving as the better beings we can be.

2 thoughts on “Another Step

  1. I stil say humans have no more evolution left in them.. Ha ha. We are stuck. Only just higher than the primordial slime whence we came….

  2. “Perhaps if we dealt with the natural illegitimacy of these outside agendas…”

    Apposite thinking. I agree with your conclusion.

    You say, “We know when we have done wrong”. Sometimes those “outside agendas” define right and wrong.

    Ultimately there is nothing subjective about morality. But we do not live at that level, yet. Because of circumstances, id est, outside agenda, sometimes we “believe” that what is wrong is actually right.

    Social Darwinism and relativistic tunnel vision make true civilisation an impossibility.

    I agree that humanity has the potential to be something much better. However, I don’t think we’ll have the time to evolve any further. I fear our hubris has assured our extinction. Self-destruction seems inevitable and imminent.

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