It would mean
a lot to me
if we would
consider mice a little more.
For they are
never truly considered
but are dismissed as pests.
without contribution.
But have you
ever truly
looked at a mouse.
They are the
most beautiful thing.
And they carry both
the ballet dance of grace
and an athlete’s speed.
They can dodge
with the best of them.
And even though
clearly outnumbered
and overwhelmed
their tenacity of spirit
is quite admirable.
They do not deserve
an end
of trickery spring.
Perhaps they are
superior folk
and we are unaware
of their real quest.
It would please me
if we considered
the mouse
a little more.


3 thoughts on “Mice

  1. Consider it considered!!! But I’m still gonna eat meat!! LOL. See you on the bus when I get a chance you guys on my run again. Seems I have been moved again john. By the way john, I’m leaving the ambulance in a month matey.. But I will keep reading and when I get a chance I will comment…take care..jai.

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