‘Brown Eyed Girl’ is a novel I wrote a decade ago.

No-one has read it in entirety, although it has entered the slushpile of many agents and publishers.

I still have quite a pile of negative letters and comments.

So be warned: it ‘aint all that. Well, it might not be. I have no idea. I did enjoy writing it but suspect if I wrote it now it’d be a different novel. I gave up on novels after that, I have another few in different genres. If I had to i’d call this a drama/history/romance/thriller but I’m not a great fan of classification.
I’ll add the others in due course if there is any interest.
It is available as a downloadable epub, from the link below, or from the Epub page, where you will also find some other stuff. It has no cover art but I have made some effort to add navigable chapter headings.

I hope it enjoyable.

Please feel free to let me know. I already have a list of things amiss with it:)

Brown Eyed Girl

100 poems is a collection of most of the poems I have uploaded here since I began posting in September, 2012. They mount up quickly, but it remains my wish that they are not repetitive, but that each is unique.
You can download it from here, or from the Epub page. When I’ve written another hundred I’ll post ‘Another 100 poems.’

100 Poems
The Epubs are offered at no cost. (Just because its free doesn’t mean it has no value).

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