The Small

For the most part ordinariness confers invisibility. The mundane and the small are generally overlooked, considered to be of no consequence and are invested with little value. In short the small things are of no importance but are as the smallest drops in the ocean – But then the ocean is nothing more than a myriad of drops.

There is an ancient Hindustani proverb: Men trip not on mountains, but on stones. This expresses an understanding that the small things are at the core of our lives and whilst often the true source of tragedy they are also the source of joy and contentment. There is not much difference in the magnitude of those things which engender dissatisfaction and discontent and those which give recurring pleasure, casting our lives in a positive glow.

For those involved in big issues, say the management of a nation, there is much that endangers their humanity and their path is littered with traps, such as arrogance and a belief in certainty. Their lot in life might not be as lucky as they consider it. That is not to dismiss the pursuance of the political and of other variables for change, but in order to understand the opposite of ordinariness one must have an awareness of the small, and accept that in order to bring the rich texture of the world into view also accept that the small can be large in meaning and that scarcely anything is ordinary at all.


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