Church Bells

Among the grey church buildings
I hear the hymns of old.
They give me memories
Of what once was told.
They whisper of a time of black and white
When there were only truth and lies
there were those who broke the laws
there were Others to despise.

But now the church bells clamour

And nothing is as clear.
Instead grey misty moments
When laughter equals fear
And there is no truth, no lies
just omnipresent tears.

One thought on “Church Bells

  1. Enjoyed this one very much and it ha great imagery. It’s interesting what what woe “Grey misty moments” these church bells hide. I especially liked the use of the word “omnipresent” here and the image that this greyness and badness is everywhere always and suggests to me like religion or God is everywhere in His goodness, so is this darkness.
    Well written 🙂

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