Moving on

Today marks the beginning.

In the past I have completed four novels, with varying degrees of enthusiasm. It is a lonely occupation, especially if the work is not commissioned but simply ‘taking a chance’, fuelled by your own self belief. Over the four decades I’ve spent on this planet I’ve had several short works published and maybe a handful of poems. Nothing to shout about. Yet it’s always something I come back too. I think I have a talent with words. But I want to avoid being Uriah Heap, so enough of that.


Today I want to start a new novel.

How do I go about that? I know from experience this is the best bit, thinking about it. Nothing is limited by plot or character. There is no ‘He wouldn’t do that’ or ;that doesn’t make sense.’ There is only infinite possibility and how good is that.

Then, as you start laying the foundation, limits appear. No longer is my new novel about anything, it’s about a mystery in ancient Egypt. Does that sound dull? You’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime I’m proof reading some old work and sending it Amazon bound. As a wise man said to me ‘ Why not? ‘ So look out for it. It won’t break the bank. I’m not about profit. (Now there’s an essay on that somewhere. )But it will give me a kick to have an audience and you might even like it.

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