A new Columbo

It’s well established that the 1970s/80s fictional TV detective Columbo employed Socratic Irony to catch his man. That is he pretended to know little, to the point of appearing a bumbling fool, so his opponent would invariably trip themselves up. Sunday afternoon drama at its best.


I have a few favourite episodes, from the hopeful humility of Donald Pleasance in ‘Any old port in a storm’ to the youthful arrogance of teenage murderers when ‘Columbo goes to college.’ But Philosophy lecturers can no longer hold the bungling, old raincoat wearing, eccentric detective up as an example of Socratic Inquiry, simply because young students have never heard of him. So who can be turned to.

Monk is an unassuming guy, who puts many a criminal at there ease, because they think him a fool.


But sadly it’s the turn of Monk to be in retirement, found on YouTube channels and Amazon back catalogues.

Any one else out there? Any ideas?

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