Flags and stuff.



I am not a fan of nation states but I understand their history and position in the world. After all it has been some time since we have been without them. There are some aspects of them I have never come to terms with. One of these is particular to England. Many people in the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) express national pride, except the English. We do not celebrate our nation in case such feelings are construed as xenophobic. I’ve often wondered why this is. After all if one accepts nation states as necessary then surely celebrating membership of them should not be a negative stance. I suspect the hijacking of the Union Jack by the British National Party offers an explanation. Their adoption of the flag was so complete and absolute that even now claiming any relationship with it is interpreted as implicit support for this xenophobic and racist party. The British public do themselves no favors but one is to remember only 52% voted for Brexit and this country has a long and proud history of welcoming strangers.

There has always been a inevitable dualism when any policy of immigration is considered. In order to offer safe haven then that haven must have rules of admittance, otherwise the hunters will arrive with the hunted. Ultimately then it is a balance between law and genuine empathy which has to be addressed and considered in rational and thoughtful light. The media frenzy which is currently blowing a gale is a source of great harm. It might be said they do more for the principles of the BNP than any flag

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