Technological Narrative and the back door.

The dominant narrative is a term used in sociology to attempt to describe the existence of a complex understanding of the world, controlled by the representations of the mainstream culture, be that a piece of art or a novel.
With regard to technology the dominant narrative is supplied by fiction, usually in the form of a novel but increasingly in celluloid. And it is clear that this narrative is negative in nature. Ultimately technology is seen as the antithesis of natural man. It is morally Judged as inherently evil, and its high priestess, omnipresent AI (artificial intelligence, as depicted in recent blockbusters such as I, Robot, Ex Machina and Automata) signifies the end of human kind.

Despite dire warnings technology has a back door into reality. Mobile phones, Mp3 players, hi definition televisions, tablets, laptops and personal computers abound. And this is just the sphere of entertainment and leisure. Think of all those labor saving devices, from the Washing Machine through to the high impact drills which control fracking. No danger is sensed from these inventions and that is because they in no way resemble the A.I of technological narrative. But they are the building blocks of such a narrative and should be considered as such, before A.I creeps in through the back door and echoes of ‘who knew’ are heard throughout the land.