Fiction Time


Time travel, or the idea of it, has fascinated both author and reader, for a long time.
HG Wells, the first time-travel author, has to be mentioned. But his story focused on action and adventure. It did not address the metaphysics of time travel and the inevitability of the contradictions and paradoxes it will involve.
The 2004 film ‘Primer’ went to another level and sacrificed adventure for explanation and action for philosophy. It takes several viewings to get to grips with it.

For more mainstream viewing Netflix have two great offerings. ‘Continuum’ is an innovative drama and a clever one, addressing not only the science of time travel but also a future dominated by the corporation. It is a satisfying drama and a thoughtful one, with several surprises up its sleeve.
‘Travelers’ is a second drama available on Netflix. It raises several issues, has sympathetic characters as well as a unique approach to the idea of time travel.

There are far to many films to go into but two memorable ones for me are ‘The Final Countdown’ and ‘The Philidelphia Experiment’. Both excellent.

But above all of these is the novel ‘Time And Again’ by Clifford.D.Simack is an unusual and satisfying exploration of tme travel.

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