For many philosophy is an irrelevancy. It is out of date and is to be found in old books, visited only by ancient academics or party bores. This is a misconception. Philosophy, in the words of the great eighties song is to be found ‘all around.’
An example of this is in modern entertainment, from contemporary novels to TV dramas. And more often than expected in radio and spoken word. One great illustration of this is the great radio drama ‘Baldi’.

Paolo Baldi is a Fransiscan priest on sabbatical, lecturing in semiotics at Dublin University. Apart from the obvious presence of semiotics as a philosophy, throughout the series runs the ongoing tension between faith in Christianity and the ‘real world’. Semiotics is, put simply, the study of signs. Some philosophers dismiss it as pretend philosophy but there have been some marvelous semioticians, like Umberto Eco. Baldi uses his semiotic skills to solve crimes. It is a fascinating series, and one which offers insight to semiotics and its value in the world.

Click here to read a thesis applying semiotics to values in education.


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