Me, ‘About a Boy’ and a Minister for Justice

The 2002 film ‘About a Boy’ rings bells with me. Its main character, Will Thackery, is not employed because he lives on the proceeds of a christmas song his father wrote, which is re-relaesed every year. He finds his life difficult because he has no definition in his life, no role – just empty days. The film largely concerns how he comes to terms with his solitude and discovers John Dunne’s words that ‘no man is an island’ ring true. Due to a myriad of medical issues (see About Me) I too am not employed and it has taken me many years to come to terms with having no recognised ‘role’, strange though that may sound. I see the friends from my youth grow and develop but age has taught me that life is relative and everybody, everybody, has problems. My lack of self definition is in reality just a lack of confidence. In reality I have a pleasant life in which my defining role is how I treat other people.


I don’t know if its society or something that dwells within me or just circumstances but like Will I live in a world of solitude. I work hard to occupy my time. Blogging is one of the things I do.

The conservative government’s decision to appoint a Minister of loneliness bothers me. For one there is a general failure to recognise the distinction between solitude and loneliness but more importantly how is someone in Westminster (a different world) going to solve a problem which 2,000 years of civilisation hasn’t.

(By the way if you watch the film I like ‘Killing me Softly. Its a great song.)

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