Bestest books.

Can you have a favourite book?

There are so many. All those words in all those arrangements…

When I was growing up one of my favourite books was ‘The Thirty Nine Steps’ by John Buchan. I paid homage to it with my first book, Pegasus. (Soon to be found on Amazon.)

Another favourite was ‘The Otterbury Incident’ by C.Day.Le1680976wis



I loved the beginning of this book, I thought it was so clever. I can remember writing a story for English at school trying to emulate the ‘where it all begins’ passage at the start of this book. Still a great read.

Over the years my tastes have changed/ One of my favorite writers is Ian Mccewan. ‘Saturday’ is a great book, as is the powerful ‘Atonement’, but ‘Nutshell’ tops them.

Listening to books is a great option these days. From Big Finish and Graphic Audio to more mainstream Audible there is a wealth of choice out there. Go find some words.

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