Secret Films…

On release of ‘The Post’, which I haven’t seen yet but which is on my ‘to do’ list, I got to thinking about films which had information in them as a substantial part. At first I limited myself to actual documents and didn’t get very far. There was Disney’s far fetched ‘National Treasure’ with a frantic Nicholas Cage or there was Tom Hanks equally ludicrous ‘The Da Vinci Code’. But I struggled beyond these. I included ‘All the President’s Men’ ( a masterpiece).


Then I decided to expand my search to include information, which catapulted my results, even more so with the inclusion of any old secret, which turns out to be a core component of many thrillers.

Take a moment to think about it. There are so many.

My favourites, some might say boringly, are older films. There is ‘Three days of the Condor’, incidentally a great book even with the utmost disappointment of its sequels.

Then there is 1974’s ‘The Conversation’ Gene Hackman’s masterpiece, the more modern 1998s  ‘Enemy of the State’ (there’s still a good one every now and then) and Mel Gibson’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’, a good cure for paronia.

These are all entertaining films. Begin by Trying out William Gibson’s ‘Marathon Man’ and a brother with a very big secret.


Or the equally engaging ‘Capricorn One.’


All from the political paranoia of 1970s America. I won’t get political though.

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