As with anyone faced by writing an About Me page I quiver a little bit. What to write? Do I stick to the traditional ‘Personal Statement’, my aims and ambitions, or do I go for full bloated truth at the risk of putting of my readers? Will they be interested?
So my first step was to look around and see what everyone else had done. And from there I see short and snappy seems to win through. But I’m going to cheat so if anyone has got this far and wants to know a few details, CLICK HERE to find out who the Mirrorman is and why he blogs.

A bit of metaphysical poetry, and occasionally a comment on the state of the world.

As for me I like to conjure with words. I was never good at football but not bad with words.




11 thoughts on “About

  1. You are inspiration, with wisdom and insight seeping down through your fingertips with every keystroke. Were you to write with paper and pen each pen stroke would be a tiny cut in the fabric of reality, the ink the blood these would bleed, through which we can see fleeting glimpses of the truth of everything that resides within us, beneath us, and invisible around us all.

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